JCPenny Sales Traffic is Up

September 19, 2016

JCPenny’s match up with Sephora has improved JCPenny’s earnings. According to JCPenny’s CEO Marvin Ellison, JCPenny opened 27 new locations during the quarter with plans to add 4 more stores in the fall. Sephora shops are being added to a broader range of locations, including more-rural areas. Sephora will be adding the Clinique brand to their stores inside JCPenny. Not only selling Sephora, JCPenny will also sell Ashely Furniture and flooring from Empire Today. The “Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store, Same Day” feature is now available in all JCPenny stores. This has increased JCPenny sales due to customers adding additional items when picking up their purchase. This is important because over 50 percent of JCPenny online sales go through their stores.

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