Investment Opportunities List With Austin on Top

November 8, 2016

During this 3Q of 2016, Austin has come out on top of the “markets to watch” list from the Urban Land Institute, a list which ranks cities by the opportunity they provide for investors. Domestic investors on multiple levels from local to national compete fiercely yet synergistically due to the limited amount of available investment opportunities that arise versus the number of interested investors. At #2 is Dallas-Ft. Worth due to its appeal stemming from business, transportation, skilled workforce and most recently infill, and denser, affordable residential housing. San Antonio has come in at #32 due to the increase in activity throughout multiple areas of real estate from urban development, the office market in CBD, and downtown/historic property activity. A San Antonio Business Journal article linked below explains how employee workforce on the corporate level has not been streaming into the city as it has for the other Texas cities at the top of the list which may give a partial reason to the cities decline in position. At #40, Houston is in a state of waiting as everyone is eager to see how the energy sector will recover and move forward.

Austin tops investment opportunities list
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