How the Texas House Bill 5 Is Changing Education

February 26, 2014

Major changes in education will arrive soon thanks to the Texas House Bill 5 that was signed by Governor Rick Perry June 2013. The curriculum and testing requirements are being adjusted to meet the format of the new education requirements.

One major change Texas school systems will be experiencing is the decrease in standardized tests required to graduate. This comes as a welcome change after many have argued that over the years the increase in standardized tests has negatively affected student’s educations in the long run. Mandatory end of course exams have been reduced to 5 from 15!

Texas schools are also figuring out how to implement the new graduation course requirements. Districts are now allowed to offer apprenticeships and training in Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to earn industry certificates or credentials. The State Board of Education is required to adopt a minimum of six advanced CTE course which will included courses in financial literacy and statistics. Officials hope that implementing this new curriculum will better prepare students for the workforce and give them a broader since of education that will benefit them outside of a classroom and much more than test preparation.

These changes are set to take place during the 2014- 2015 school year.

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