Consumers are Saving More In-Store

January 10, 2017

According to an ICSC study, consumers are spending less money on certain categories in- store rather than shopping on-line. Categories such as beauty products, women apparel, shoes, and accessories have an average of 7 percent savings throughout these categories. Athletic wear was the cheapest clothing to purchase in store, saving 19 percent less than when purchased online. Consumers were able to save 27 percent on purchasing lotions in store rather than online. The top reasons for the consumer to shop in store rather than online are being able to use their sense of touch and see the merchandise as well as being able to try the outfit on right then and there. This helps create a sense of instant gratification by taking the product home instead of waiting for it in the mail. Consumers do enjoy being able to price compare research faster with the help of on-line stores.

It’s cheaper to shop in physical stores: Survey