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Raub’s Rules of Real Estate 21-25

December 6, 2013

21. What matters is doing the RIGHT things, not just things right. 22. Debt makes you a slave. Keep the chains light enough so that when you need to, you can remove them. 23. Under promise, but over perform. Set realistic and achievable goals. Exceed expectations. 24. Always be closing! A-B-C 25. Expect and anticipate […]

Raub’s Rules Of Real Estate 16-20

December 4, 2013

16. Good decisions increase you options for the future, while poor decisions limit your options, thereby limiting your flexibility. 17. Ask more then you are willing to settle for. It will leave you room to negotiate and may wind up with better deal. 18. Create an environment where those around you really want you to […]

Raub’s Rules of Real Estate 11-15

December 2, 2013

11. Enemies decrease your power, while allies increase your power. 12. Employ your resources- self, others, things- in accordance with their capabilities. Know your own limitations and don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. You never know your limits until you exceed them! 13. Don’t reinforce failure. Resources are too precious to squander. Cut your loses […]

Paper or Plastic

November 18, 2013

“Paper or Plastic?“ While this may be a phrase we hear often on television that doesn’t tend to be the case in real life. Except for the minority amount of shoppers who shop with their own reusable shopping bags at most grocery stores we are automatically sent home with plastic bags. Now, San Antonio residents […]

Before You Call It A Day

September 19, 2013

Jacquelyn Smith recently published an article on, “16 Things you should do at the End of Every Work Day.” The list was composed of simple things that can make a huge difference in the way you feel when you leave the office and the way you feel when you return the next day. Here […]

Texas Leaves a Mark in Business Facilities Rankings

September 16, 2013

Every year Business Facilities rank the states to determine where each state stands in different areas including income per capita, best infrastructure, natural gas production leaders and many other categories. Last year’s report resulted in Texas being the 2012 State of the Year. In the 9th annual report released August 30th Texas once again was […]

Goal Achieving or Stress Relieving

August 30, 2013

Goal achieving- A profit making activity that supports your business plan. Stress Relieving- A nice break but doesn’t directly bring in profit. Activities that can consume your day, things that make you feel busy but aren’t actually productive just soothing. A wise old broker once said, “Always ask yourself, ‘is this a commissionable activity?’” Does […]

Ben Gets a Reboot

August 29, 2013

According to the U.S. Treasury the $100 bill is the most counterfeited bill of all the U.S. currency. It has been in the re-design process for over 2 years. The bill, which still pictures President Ben Franklin, has undergone many tests to make it as counterfeit proof as possible. Originally The Federal Reserve had an […]

More Jobs Coming to San Antonio Area

July 23, 2013

Texas continues to boom! Amazon has announced that they will start hiring full-time employees for the 1 million square foot fulfillment center they are opening in Schertz. In addition  Wal-Mart is expected to hire approximately 1200 people for the four new stores opening in the Northeast Side (Foster Poad and Binz Engleman), the West Side […]

State Growth Forces Need for Strategic Planning

July 15, 2013

Texas is growing and its happening at a fast past. According to Daniel Gonzales, director of legislative affairs for the Texas Association of Realtors, 1400-1500 people move to Texas a day! This as a good news for businesses and state income but it will require planning on the part of government officials. Items to plan […]

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