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As Some Retailers Stumble, Dollar Stores Continue to Show Strength

April 25, 2017

Although most big box retailers are currently struggling in today’s retail environment, the dollar store segment is powering forward, developing more locations, expanding, and testing concepts. Howard Davidowitz, chairman of New York City-based retail consulting and investment banking firm Davidowitz & Associates, believes the distress within the middle class in conjunction with the low prices […]

Developers say retail deals getting tougher in West Michigan

April 24, 2017

Veteran developer Chris Brochert, a partner with Lormax Stern Development, has been in retail development for almost forty years, seen numerous real estate cycles, and notes how much more difficult it has become to put together deals in recent times. He gives TJ Maxx as an example of how higher development costs have contributed to […]

Counting the Cost of Texas Health Care

April 21, 2017

Healthcare expenditure accounts for nearly half of the state budget, and has exceeded state inflation as well as population growth in the last few years. Fiscal spending in 2015 for the state was $42.9 Billion, 43.1% of total state appropriations, between 2011-2015 the state increased its government spending on healthcare by 19.7%. Increased medical breakthroughs […]

Cities Restore Lost Streets, Local Charm After Razing Failed Malls

April 19, 2017

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, in response to the loss of anchor tenants throughout malls in the U.S, as well as the subsequent demise of the location as a whole due to the increase in popularity of online shopping, in online market hubs such as Amazon for example, cities have enlisted […]

What’s the Value of a Like?

April 18, 2017

Companies across the world spend billions of dollars every year to increase their social media presence. For example, Red Bull live-streamed a man skydiving from space and shared it all over their social networks. Companies will go to extreme links to get their brand out there and Facebook seems to be the preferred platform of […]

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today

April 17, 2017

As the first quarter comes to an end, Morgan Stanley analysts forecast that the Commercial Real Estate bull market is about to come to end due to more stringent lending standards, and rising interest rates relative to NOI growth. U.S investors have increased Hotel& Resort and Office investment trust’s by 14.8% and 10.8%, respectively, with […]

As Middle, Low-Income Californians Migrate To Texas, Class-B Apartments Benefit

April 14, 2017

Middle to low income Californians are migrating to Texas due to its low cost of living and affordability, and according to the U.S Census the beneficiaries will be Class B and C apartments. Axiometrics shows San Francisco Class C apartments renting for $2,428, far more than Class A space in Austin or Dallas which are […]

Garden Style Apartment Communities Outperform the Market

April 13, 2017

Because low density, garden style apartments are becoming farther and fewer in between, average rents are rising, and both demand as well as occupancy are high. Existing garden style apartments are usually located in areas where it would not be easily possible for a competitor to develop a similar property due to the required site […]

How Is the Price of Owning VS. Renting Affecting the Multifamily Market?

April 12, 2017

Timing is critical when purchasing real estate. It is especially critical when you are looking to purchase a home and build up equity. Similarly, good timing can allow individuals to take advantage of a period where low rents abound. A ratio of home prices to rents could allow for one to make a better decision […]

Amazon to Acquire, Gaining Middle East Footprint

April 11, 2017

Amazon has just extended its international presence by acquiring for an estimated $700 million. Dubai-based was described by Amazon as the largest online retail platform in the Middle East with more than 8.4 million products for sale, and a reported 45 million visits per month. Of all visitors and users, approximately 45% […]

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