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San Antonio And Austin Lead Nation In Sprawl, Study Finds

June 21, 2017

The New York Times revealed that out of 41 cities included in a recent study there are three Texas cities which rank in the top 4 sprawling cities across the U.S. While expectations were that cities were becoming much denser, there is a clear pattern illustrating how cities which are already dense continue to become […]

More Optimism About U.S. Buying Climate Signals Spending Rebound

June 20, 2017

According to the latest Blomberg Consumer Comfort Index, buying climate has increased almost 2% to 46.7%, the highest it has been since December 2001. Personal finance measures and overall comfort have increased as well, while personal sentiment towards the post-election economy has dipped negatively. Overall consumers are feeling confident in their expenditures but remain increasingly […]

The Impact Of Driverless Cars On Real Estate Could Be Huge

June 16, 2017

While the real estate industry is preparing to see what kind of an impact automated vehicles will have on commerce, city and government officials scramble to find a suitable way to regulate the automobile’s formal arrival. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale architect and assistant professor Shannon McDonald believes its effect will be equal to that of the […]

Pricing Concerns, Cyclical Uncertainty More Apparent as Foreign Investor Activity Diversifies

June 15, 2017

Foreign investor activity shows apprehension mostly due to perceived end-cycle risk, pricing and lack of preferable assets according to real estate research firms Real Capital Analytics and Prequin. Investor activity is down 4% since the 4Q16, RCA Senior Vice President, Jim Costello notes that there is pull-back seen from both buyers and sellers due to […]

News Once Supply Meets Demand, Co-Working Won’t Look the Same

June 14, 2017

Unlike a typical office environment, co-working spaces consist of members who work for separate entities, ventures and projects. Many may even own their own small business and simply need a quiet place to work. Co-Working Space is currently in its “golden era” and shared office space is expected to grow significantly within the next several […]

Five Keys to Success from the Best-selling Author of The Boys in the Boat

June 13, 2017

Daniel James Brown, author of The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, was one of the speakers at ULI’s 2017 Spring Meeting in Seattle. Recalling a life changing meeting that sparked his journey into researching and writing Boys in the Boat, Brown went into […]

Private Equity Investors Slow Real Estate Buying in First Quarter

June 12, 2017

The private equity real estate market focused on commercial real estate saw $6.1B worth of investments in the 1Q17, down from almost $15B just last year according to Costar Group. PE buyers showed a preference for office property, multifamily, retail, and industrial in that order according to purchase volume. PE sellers unloaded mainly multifamily and […]

Brick and Mortar Retail Is Not Dead: Don’t Believe the Critics

June 9, 2017

Online stores are evolving, but they won’t be taking over the classic brick and mortar system anytime soon. Online only retailers are trying to use every advantage they have to compete with the classic form of retail; however, overcoming years of logistic and merchandising experience is no easy feat. Online shopping does not relieve the […]

Modular Building Is Helping the Construction Industry Combat Labor Shortages

June 7, 2017

High-tech automation plants are building homes faster than ever before and experts say they could help the construction industry deal with chronic labor shortages. Developers, such as Marriott, are paying workers 30% higher wages due to labor shortages and using high-tech automation plants to meet rising demands. One high- tech plant near Baltimore is using […]

The Trend in Office Real Estate That’s ‘About To Explode’

June 5, 2017

Third- party non-core real estate providers are offering temporary meeting space and rentable conference rooms. The goal is to offer space on a need-by-need basis and give office occupiers flexibility to pursue saving initiatives. “This new segment of conference and meeting events being outsourced is a whole new facet within flexible workspace that’s about to […]

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