Brands Value For Retailers

January 27, 2017

There is no doubt that many mall retailers have felt the effects of the winds of change brought on by the arrival of modern online shopping and cultural shifting. Despite concerned creditors urging struggling retailers to close their brick and mortar locations, Ramez Toubassy, President of the brands division at Gordon Brothers, a global advisory and restructuring investment firm, does not believe that this new retail environment is cause to close up shop and call it quits just yet. Brands within themselves are very valuable, and consumers have shown continual brand loyalty to those familiar to them. By retooling financially, licensing out operations, without becoming an asset-less brand company, and scale down on the number of brick and mortar locations, a brand can retain and increase its profitability as seen with Betsy Johnson who turned a $150 million bankruptcy into a $200 million profit.

To Save Mall Retailers, Let Brands Be Brands