San Antonio’s Unemployment Rate

June 19, 2010

San Antonio’s unemployment dropped to 7.1% in May, versus a national rate of 9.3%.  Additions were in the hospitality, trade, transportation and utilities sectors, as well as construction. To read more on this topic, please click here.

Buying Opportunities

June 18, 2010

Commercial real estate investors reveal both frustration and disappointment at the lack of quality buying opportunities that many expected would have materialized by now, according to the second quarter 2010 findings of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey. The report notes that the unknown speed and strength of the economic recovery has many investors anxious, […]

Why Give a Broker an Exclusive Listing

June 14, 2010

San Antonio has bounced back from the recession in the first quarter more than any other major Texas city, according to the San Antonio Express News June 11, 2C. This is based on job counts, new home prices and other factors. But we are just a little better than we were 8 years ago.  The […]

Statement of Purpose

July 28, 2008

This blog is to be a convient method for readers who are interested in Commercial Real Estate investing in San Antonio, Texas to keep track of trends and opportunities. We know you are assaulted daily with all sorts of conflicting information and insights on how the business of business real estate is doing, where to […]

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