Amazon Takes Customer Recommendations a Step Further

February 24, 2014

Amazon has announced its plans to begin “anticipatory shipping”. This program will send customers products before they order them. Sounds crazy, right? Or does it. Using the same history based method that they use to give customers “recommendations” they will use shopping and browsing history to determine products customers may want and start the order process. Amazon will send the item to the customer’s local warehouse so that when the customer does order the item shipping time is reduced helping amazon curb the “buy now, want now” attitude that may  make customers in this instant gratification society  hesitant from online shopping.

There are factors Amazon cannot control and returns may be inevitable. For example Amazon only has the order history from their site they can’t be sure customers haven’t already purchased the items they are shipping to them elsewhere. As an amazon shopper, I have seen recommendations I have no interest in, that I already own, and recommendations that lead to me ordering the product. To lower the chance of returns, Amazon may offer customer discounts on unwanted items or may allow them to keep the item free of charge.

Do you think this is a good business plan or do you think this could hurt Amazon? Let us know below.

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